Homestead Country Club

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6510 Mission Road
Prairie Village, Kansas 66208
(913) 262-4000

The restaurant at the Homestead Country Club in Prairie Village Kansas is said to be haunted by the spirit of man that legend says died of a heart attack while playing tennis. The luxury country club was built in 1954 on land that was donated by J.C. Nichols in 1952. The club was sold in March 2014 to a development company that is considering closing the establishment and tearing it down to build luxury homes.

The restaurant kitchen is said to be the most haunted location and employees report that knives and other items are sometimes thrown across the room. Although no one has been injured, some believe that this angry spirit is actually trying to harm the living. Other reports include cold spots, chairs and tables moving on their own and utensils constantly being misplaced. Some members and employees have also reported that invisible hands have touched them when they are by themselves and eerie muffled voices can sometimes be heard.

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