The Willard Hotel

CATEGORY: Haunted Hotels     AUTHOR: M.Allen     DATE PUBLISHED: January 2014     HAUNTED RATING: 4.0 (of 5.0)     COMMENTS: 0


99 North Main Street
Franklin, Indiana 46131
(317) 738-9668

The Willard Hotel was built in 1860 by William and Cynthia McCaslin in Franklin Indiana as a home. It became a hotel in 1924 when Eliza Patterson Willard and her partners William and Sarah Judah who renovated it and turned it into a hotel A few years later during Prohibition Eliza met a man named Robert Black and soon they were planning to marry. Legend says that one day she heard a loud crash in the kitchen and upon entering the room discovered her sister Rose and Robert together on the kitchen table. In a rage she shut down the hotel and lived the rest of her life alone in the building. Several years after her death the building was purchased and became restaurant and bar and 1990 it was sold again to the current owners who renovated it and turned it into a restaurant and hotel.

The hotel is said to be haunted by Eliza and during the Halloween holidays it offers ghost walks detailing the history and haunting of the old building. The spirit of Eliza is reportedly seen and heard roaming the hotel both angry and sad at the betrayal of her loved ones.

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