Old Block Buster Video Store - Anniston

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4100 McClellan Blvd
Anniston, Alabama 36207

On May 15, 2002, a serial killer named Donald Ray Wheat (48) on a six day robbery and murder spree shot and killed two store employees and two customers at an Anniston, Alabama Block Buster video store. He and his girl friend began their murder spree on May 10 by robbing and murdering a grocer in Bowdon, Georgia and later that day robbing Joes Quick Stop in Waldo Alabama. Two days later on May 12th he robbed a Crown Gas Station shooting a customer in the head as he was leaving the store (fortunately the customer survived). The following day he stabbed a female worker at The Movie Gallery in Heflin, Alabama ten times during a robbery and she survived as well. In the Block Buster murder two days later he executed three of the four people by shooting them in the back of the head. The victims, Douglas Edward Neal, Jr., 27, and Austin Carl Joplin, 23, and customers, Joseph Michael Burch, 20, and Andrew Robert Burch, 19, were all young people with their whole lives ahead of them. Donald Ray Wheat was arrested two days later at his home in Ashland, Alabama and was sentenced to death the following year. He died in prison before he could be executed.

The store is now closed. The old building has been partially torn down and remodeled into a doctors office. This doctors office and the property itself is reportedly haunted by the victims of Donald Ray Wheat. Cold spots, shadows and the feeling of being watched have been claimed. Stories about a 1960's murder on the property as well as other murders nearby has give this location a dark and sinister reputation.

While the Block Buster murders is certainly true, we have been unable to find the 1960's era rape and homicide that has been reported at this location. The local newspaper certainly did cover similar crimes in other areas from Philadelphia to Miami but nothing like that at home in Anniston (1949 - 1976). We did notice internet blogs where people claimed to remember the incident as well as other incidents around this location, but they never mention names, dates or anything tangible to research. A violent act such as the Block Buster murders is certainly worthy enough to haunt a location.

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