Hotel Congress Tucson

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311 E Congress Street
Tucson, Arizona 85701
(520) 622-8848

The historic Hotel Congress was built in 1919 in downtown Tucson Arizona. The hotel is famous for the January 22, 1934, capture of the entire John Dillinger gang after a fire in the basement of hotel forced an evacuation of the hotel. Several members of the gang had been staying on the third floor and offered money to the fireman to retrieve their bags which contained money and guns.

The hotel is said to be haunted by a number of spirits including a former hotel maid, a cowboy, and a former patron of the hotel bar thought to be an old World War II veteran. Room 242 is reportedly haunted by a former guest during the 1990's that committed suicide by shooting herself in the head in the bathroom. It is said that this spirit has been heard to whisper in peoples ears while they attempt to sleep and likes to wake guests up by touching them. Room 214 is often referred to as the "Suicide Room" because of a legend that a guest committed suicide by shotgun many years ago and is said to haunt this room today. The room is also know for its strange appearance. It is reported that when you stand in the room and look toward the door the room feels like the floor slopes downward and to the left. The owners of the hotel have had the room examines and everything is level.

Room 220 is said to be haunted by the last long term guest of the hotel a man named Vince Zuda who checked into the hotel in the late 1950's and lived here until his death in 2001. The hotel honored his $7.00 per night rate during his entire stay. It is said that he leaves butter knives around the hotel which in life he was always borrowing from the kitchen to use as a screw driver to do light maintenance.

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