Gabriel Davies Tavern

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3rd Avenue
Glendora, New Jersey 08029
(856) 939-2699

This former tavern was built in 1756 by Gabreil Davies. Many reports of ghosts and paranormal activity has been reported at the tavern. These ghosts may have been former soldiers who were rumored to have been medically treated at this location. George Washington designated this brick building to be used as a hospital during the Revolutionary war. It is reported that bloodstains still exist in the attic from that time. Reports of sounds of moaning and people walking upstairs in the attic. The building has been investigated by several paranormal research teams over the years.

In 1976 the Tavern was deeded to Gloucester Township by the Owner, William Schuck. When he passed away, the township took ownership of the property and plan to restore it as a historic site.

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