Clarksville Station Restaurant

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4080 Durham Road
Roxboro, North Carolina 27573
(336) 599-9153

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The Clarksville Station Restaurant provides patrons with a nostalgic history of the age of riding the rails in the old steam driven trains. Built at the turn of the century in Clarksville, Virginia by the Atlantic and Danville railroad company, this classic Victorian depot served both south central Virginia and north central North Carolina as a main passenger and freight station until it closed on June 29, 1973. This wonderful old station might have been demolished and never heard of again if wisdom had not moved it approximately forty-five miles to Roxboro, North Carolina and reconstructed it to preserve its unique representation of the America's past. The renovated Clarksville Station Restaurant opened in 1975 and continued the railroad theme by providing old time information about railroads on the restaurant's walls. The restaurant also has two actual train railroad cars from the 1860's that was converted into two marvelous dining cars. Patrons have the unique choice of dining in the old railroad cars that are located on either side of the Clarksville Station building or in the station building itself.

In addition to providing a fantastic place to eat lunch or dinner anytime, the old railroad cars have also provided an interesting place to witness ghosts. It seems that the old railroad cars were used during the civil war, one as a morgue car and the other as a hospital car. On at least one occasion, a family claimed that their child saw the image of an old time conductor in the mirror behind them while they were eating in one of the dining cars. Other folks have said that they have heard cries inside the railroad cars at night after closing. Nobody will be guaranteed that they will be entertained by paranormal activity at the Clarksville Station Restaurant but all patrons can expect to enjoy a terrific meal while eating in a very unique place.

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