Belle Mont Tuscumbia

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1569 Cook Lane
Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674
(256) 637-8513

The Belle Mont Mansion in Tuscumbia Alabama was built around 1828 for physician and planter Alexander Williams Mitchell. The house is listed on the National Historic Registry (#19820223). It was the centerpiece of a 1,760 acre cotton plantation and had one of the largest slave populations in the state. Following the death of his wife Alexander Mitchell remarried and sold the plantation to Isaac and Catherine Winston and moved to Philadelphia in 1833. Isaac Winston owned 114 slaves according to the 1860 census and died August 13, 1863 at Bell Mont during the American Civil War. He was not buried on the property as many legends say but in the Winston Family Cemetery in Tuscumbia as was his wife Catherine who died July 25, 1884. The property remained in the family until 1941 and in 1983 the house and 35 acres was donated to the State of Alabama by the Fennel family.

The house and surrounding property are reportedly haunted by the former slaves that lived and died on the plantation. As there is not formal cemetery for the slaves it is likely that they were buried on some part of the estate. Visitors to the mansion have reported seeing dark shadowy figures walking the fields and have heard the sound of chains rattling near the house.

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