Antlers Hilton Colorado Springs

CATEGORY: Haunted Hotels     AUTHOR: M.Allen     DATE PUBLISHED: January 2014     HAUNTED RATING: 3.5 (of 5.0)     COMMENTS: 0


4 South Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
(719) 955-5600

The Antlers Hotel was built in 1883 by the founder of Colorado Springs General William Jackson Palmer. The original hotel was destroyed in a fire in 1898 and was rebuilt three years later. That hotel was torn down in 1964 and the current hotel was built on the location in 1967.

The hotel is said to be haunted by several spirits that legend claims died in the 1898 fire. However, no one actually died in the fire but the hotels that have stood here do have a lot history and guests. One of the active spirits is that of a man who is seen in the hotel's Judge Baldwins Bar. Another spirit is often seen on the back staircase and is described as an elegant woman dressed for a night on the town. The spirit of a child is also been seen and heard in the hallways and guest rooms.

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